Do I Really Need To Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software also known as anti-malware is a computer program which can be used for prevention, detection and removal of malware from the system. The modern antivirus software can protect the system from harmful browser helper objects, browser hijackers, key loggers, back doors, fraud tools and spyware among other. There are different techniques by which the antivirus software identifies malware. Some of which are-

• Sandbox detection

• Data mining technique

• Signature based detection

• Root kit detection

People nowadays think that antivirus software is only useful and necessary for those who use the windows irresponsibly. But, the fact remains, no matter how careful the user is, antivirus software will still be needed to provide an extra layer of protection to your system. It is a common myth that the system gets corrupted with malware only by downloading suspicious files, or visiting sketchy websites. Although, these certainly are the top reasons for malware, but they are not the only reason. The computer can be affected by virus just by the fact that a user has visited a website. Even the trustworthy and legitimate websites have been seen to be compromised due to advertisers or other vulnerabilities.

Reason Antivirus Software is Needed?

• Computer Performance

The performance of a PC or laptop can be seriously affected if it gets affected by a virus. The virus can destroy the precious hard drive space and block important programs. It can also deny internet connection. The system becomes almost impossible to use and takes hours to complete a basic tasks.

The installation of Antivirus software can prevent unwanted entry into the system and even block the virus from affecting it.

• Misuse of Personal Data and Identify Theft

Cybercrime has become the fastest growing illegal activity around the globe. If efficient anti-virus protection is not provided, it can allow malicious software to enter your system and allow third party to view your personal data while reading email, sharing documents or checking bank accounts.

Some of the malware these days can be even record the input entered, into the computer via the keywords providing an easy access to hacker to log into your personal accounts.

• Hard Drive Issues

The serious malware can completely wipe off a hard drive and make the computer useless, leading to toss of both personal and business related data. More importantly, nowadays viruses are even capable of editing the data from the hard drive without the knowledge of the owner.

Most of the hackers nowadays use viruses to gain access behind firewalls to perform illegal activities from someone else’s IP address. This is different from identify theft, as it only aims towards gaining entry into the computer to perform illegal downloads, send junk mail or even use the system to store pirated movies.

All the risk factors can be eliminated if a user decides to pay for anti-virus software since the benefits outweigh the disadvantages considerably.

Five Important Functions of Antivirus Software for MAC

Mac is based on Unix-based operating system although it is difficult for hackers to exploit it and they are less catchy to malicious threats than Windows but you can take no risk with the security of your data. Security risk could depend on your work you do on your Mac. A system which is connected to internet does always need security. For a business user security tool for Mac is necessary to protect his business details and financials from hackers.

It is important to install right antivirus software, which is compatible with your Mac device. Before installing antivirus in your Mac make sure that the software is reliable and has a trusted source. It should be effective and powerful to detect viruses and the other malicious threats such as rootkits, spyware which could breach safety of your Mac. Also a good antivirus program has security features like anti-phishing, firewall safety, web protection, privacy control etc.

You need to ensure that your antivirus software is more secure and has all features to protect Mac. Antivirus program performs various functions to safeguard your computer from such malicious codes. It not only prevents viruses to enter into your Mac device but also gives various other features to maintain life of your device.

Five Important Functions That are Required in Antivirus Software for Mac Are:

1. Compatibility with The Mac: Choosing right antivirus software for your Mac is important. It should be compatible with the operating system you want to use it for. If it is slowing down the speed of your device, it means it doesn’t match with the configuration of your device. You need to find right software for your device, in order to receive proper security features and positive results.

2. Level of Protection Required: There are different antivirus software’s for different security purposes and all are cost different. You need to know the level of protection you need. If you have plenty of data stored in your device you need to secure it with the software which offers complete protection of your device with additional security features.

3. Ensure About Additional Features: Ensure that your security tool provides you some additional benefit, which would be helpful in keeping your device safe all the time. Features like anti-theft, safe web browsing, anti-phishing are some important features of antivirus software. Ensure that your security tool gives you real-time protection against malicious codes. It is capable to update automatically thus, remain always secured and up to date.

4. Performance of Antivirus Software: Check the performance of antivirus software, read about it and note if it is able to solve your problem. If it is capable to scans viruses quickly or if it could detect them before they infect your device. There should not be any difficulty in identifying any known threat which could infect your computer. Your antivirus prevents any threat which tries to enter into your device by blocking it. It should have capability to monitor and detecting threats before they attack on you.

5. Customer Support Feature: Antivirus software program shall be light and easy to install. Companies which provide technical support to their customers do really care for the security issues that may arise. This is an important feature of antivirus software, where you can get solution to your problem either relating to installation of software or removing viruses out of your device.